About Laura & Project Aftershock

When the earthquake struck in 2010, I literally jumped on a plane with no plans and no organization to meet up with. I followed a group of doctors off the plane, introduced myself as a nurse, and climbed into their van. We drove through the broken streets of Haiti passing piles upon piles of dead bodies with our Starbucks coffee in hand, still warm from the Miami airport. I spent the next three weeks working with them. From that point on, I continued to make short term trips back to Haiti. Until, six years ago, God spoke to me so clearly telling me to quit my job, open a thrift store, and make this my full time ministry.

So I opened the Project Aftershock Thrift Store in White Rock, BC to fund my efforts. Since then, I’ve been travelling back to Haiti on a regular basis to conduct mobile medical clinics. I visit slums that have previously never granted access to any other missionary organization, as well as underfunded orphanages. Along with a small team of Haitian locals (who I pray I can one day provide with regular employment), we provide basic medical care for a variety of common ailments. Through the clinics, we usually identify several people requiring major surgical interventions. I then contact a network of surgeon volunteers that I’ve developed relationships with over the years, arrange for any medical tests that need to be performed, and bring the patient to all surgical appointments (from consult to after care). Over the years, the relationships we’ve built with our patients have helped us to identify individuals who would benefit from a scholarship, be it elementary, technical, or university. (One of our scholarship recipients is about to graduate from nursing school!)

This past year, I made the leap to living in Haiti full-time. I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing group of volunteers who have kept the Thrift Store open in my absence, to fund this life-saving, life-changing work! None of the work we do would be possible without their dedication and infectious enthusiasm.

Volunteering in Haiti

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